ATTACK ON TITAN - Survey Corps

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Outfit parts are sold and managed by: SailorMoons

This outfit is inspiered by the anime:

"Attack on Titan"

It's worn by female character/s of "Survey Corps"

Customisation space usage:


███████████████████████████████████████████████████░ 98,5%


This outfit is in the red customisation space area, this means you can not wear this outfit if you use to much tattoos. Additional clothes like backpacks may work but this hasn't been tested yet.


There are 5 parts, 2 can be bought via market place, the remaining parts are free and can/will be sended via ingame mail after purchasing the 2 parts.


The actual price for this outfit is:


200k for AttakOnTitan Outfit PT1of5 SMS(R

200k for AttakOnTitan Outfit PT2of5 SMS(R



AttakOnTitan Outfit PT3of5 SMS(R (belt),

AttakOnTitan Outfit PT4of5 SMS(R (ringer t-shirt),

AttakOnTitan Outfit PT5of5 SMS(R (Boots),


are free and can/will be sended to the customer after he/she had bought both Parts.

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