TOKYO GHOUL - Touka Kirishima

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Important Note!:

Sales had been taken down. This outfit needs undefined improvements. All current customers will be informed about the new version/s (after it's done).

Also they will get the new version/s for free.

NOTE: This outfit is a "LIMITED RELEASE" outfit. This means that there is a purchase limit set by the producer.

Outfit parts are sold and managed by: SailorMoons

Limited at: 15 units; Remaining units 12

There are 3 parts of this outfit:


NO PRICE SET YET part 1 (Sweater)

free part 2 (Denim Shorts)

free part 3 (Boots)


Parts 2-3 are free and can/will be sended to the customer after he/she had bought Part 1.

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