SailorMoons Game account got unblocked!

The Ban has been revoked by the new developer Gamersfirst (Little Orbit)

Since this ban had been revoked we will start an event named: "SailorMoons Revival". This event was made to gain the attention of Gamersfirst

in order to show them that many people (maybe you to?;3) like the Designs of SailorMoons ;3

But thats not all! We also had added a RAFFLE to this event, so you can win cool prizes by participating on it!


Here you can see all symbols we offer.

*Note: new symbols may be released here later*

All pictutres were screenshoted in the game "APB Reloaded" and are edited with an Image Editing Software.


There are different price classes, also symbols that have private(VIP) status are shown here.

Some symbols are not at Market place by default,

if you want one/some of them feel free to contact me in game or HERE.

(excluding VIP symbols)

Symbols that are not at Market place by default are marked with "AT REQUEST"

xX (category) contains adult content

All Symbols

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WE Can deliver our Symbols AGAIN! 

Reason: Our lead designer SailorMoons that offers the following Products is UN-Banned from the Game!

VIP's and Premium VIP's that own the rights to "VIP product" marked products had agreed to the Terms of Use §5 which allows the producer to show the finished product of the customer for promotion reasons.

The producer is not allowed to tell the name/s of the VIP/Premium VIP Copyright product owner/s.

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200k Symbols:

ATM the newest symbol in this price class.

The original was a custom drawn image.

Kirito form the Anime

"Sword art Online"

This was the first 300k symbol.

It was requested by a customer.

Asuna frome the Anime

"Sword art Online"

This symbol was made right after Kirito.

Shiro - NoGameNoLife v2.

This one is the latest version (v2) if you own the v1 version you can ask for an free update to v2 ingame or request at Contact

Note: You can only request an update if you had bought yours from SailorMoons or KisaraTendo


This one is recolored in blue.

It was requested.

It is not at Market place by default, you can Contact

me to put it in for you. 

150k Symbols:

Koneko from the Anime

"Highschool DxD"

The original image was a drawing

Kurumi from the Anime

"Date a Live"

xX Hentai Cat Girl v2

has been censored with an

Image editing software.

The "CENSORED" bar is not at the original symbol.


Yahiko Pain v2(Just Updated)

All customers of v1 had been informed.

Monkey D Luffy-Serious

updated to v2.

The old v1 verion will be no longer available

100k Symbols:

xX Hentai Cat Girl v1

has been censored with an

Image editing software.

The "CENSORED" bar is not at the original symbol.


Like the v1 says it, this was

the first version.


Inspired by the Anime "Black Bullet":

Tina Sprout one of my favourite characters

from this anime

Tohka from the Anime

"Date a Live"

it has been added to the xX

category due to much skin showing


70k Symbols:

Something for the cool guys

The original image that this was made from is from the anime

Black Lagoon (Omake Ep2)

Enju from "Black Bullet"

The original image is custom drawn

20-50k Symbols:









VIP Symbols

VIP Product (private)

There are more,... to show...


In Progress...


Not for sale

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SailorMoons @ APB Reloaded, Citadel(EU) Server. Quality Designs made in Germany.

All products shown at this website are made in the game: APB Reloaded, this website does not own any copyright that contain to the game itself nor the designs based on a specific third parties product.

All pictures shown at this website are edited by SailorMoons and/or staff members, they may contain Viewer Discretion censoring.