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Dec 10, 2015
SMSC support

The Unblock of our Lead designer SailorMoons with the power of FAN base didn't work ...


So now we start to make plans about the raffle and it's rules etc.

Stay tuned for updates!

Event start and end: Unknown

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Dec 12, 2015

Dear Visitor,


thank you for checking out my Event, this Event is all about my FAN base.


The Designing in this game is my hobby.

I did designs (private or public) for other players with pleasure to become a famous designer.

Often i have not much time to play and/or design new things but when i did i always have had gave my best to offer the best quality as possible.

In order to offer the best possible support to my customers i have worked together with my brother to design and built this adfree and non commercial website where you can always contact me and preview everything from symbols till cars and themes,

as well as the latest NEWS and EVENTS like Raffles.

All in all it is fun for me to design!


The EVENT: "SailorMoons Revival"


Welcome dear Visitor,

This event had been started since i lost my old account, but i lost my interrest in maintaining it, so i dicided to advance it into a celebrate event for a limited time! So its's the event that celebrates the epic UNBLOCK of my old account "SailorMons" that i lost by the old Developer "Reloaded Games Inc"! I have to thank the new developer "Little Orbit" for the Unblock 🤩 So join it as soos as you can. Once it had started, registration sent after the start will be rejected.


What can i win?

Basic Prize: Among all registered FAN's i will randomly give away the following altogether 3.000.000 APB$ prizes (note: §6.f.):

  1. Winner Class up to: 1x 1.000.000 APB$
  2. Winner Class up to: 2x 500.000 APB$
  3. Winner Class up to: 5x 250.000 APB$

Moonstruck Prize: Among all registered "Moonstruck/ +'s(special FAN status) i will randomly give away the following JMB weapons that i own on my account (altogether 21):

(A "Moonstruck +" FAN is able to choose his/her favourite weapon of the list below if he/she were choosen by our JMB Raffle system! (§5))

  • N-HVR 243 'Sitting Duck'
  • Colby M-1922 'Hazardous'
  • OCA Nano 'Connoisseur'
  • N-HVR 243 SD 'Reaper'
  • Firework Launcher
  • NCR-762 'Anubis' Adeen 
  • Colby Commander
  • NFAS-12 'True Ogre'
  • FFA 'Bullshark'
  • Obeya CAP40 'The Sergeant'
  • N-TEC 7 'Ursus'
  • OCSP 'Kommandant'
  • AAEPD Volcano JC
  • VBR 'Huntress'
  • DOW 'Thumper'
  • EOL Kickback
  • EOL Deep Impact
  • UL-3 'Bloody Mary'
  • UL-3 'Hitchhiker'
  • Raptor 45 'Condor'
  • AMG-556 “Medusa!”

Moon Master Prize: FFA 5.56 R&D III (only Moonstruck + members can have access to this prize!)  (note: §3-3.)


You can become a "Moonstruck" (special FAN status) if you are a REGISTERED FAN and one of our staff members had

saw you wearing one of our outfits on districts and/or you show us a screenshot of your character wearing one!

You can sign up HERE with your character name for FAN or Moonstruck/+ status! (§4)

About Moonstruck:


*As a registered "Moonstruck" you automatically join our JMB RAFFLE but also our JMB randomiser that gives you a randomly chosen JMB weapon if you have been succesfully chosen by our JMB Raffle system. (§5-3.)


You also can become a "Moonstruck +" if you make a gameplay video while wearing our FAN clothes and upload it to YouTube or Twitch

About Moonstruck +:

*If you want to do that please contact us HERE and provide us your character and Youtube name. Please don't create a video untill you have contacted us first!

*As an "Moonstruck +" you will have the right to bypass our JMB Raffle system shown at the Terms of  Service §5.4!

*Your video may be rejected if you have had created a video without contacting us first!

*Your video may be also rejected if it's quality is to bad to be accepted!

*Your video title/description should contain something about our lead designer SailorMoons and/or SMSCustoms.jimdo.com website link!


2> To become a registered FAN, you only need to Register HERE to get access to this event and it's prizes:

You can sign up as a registered FAN or Moonstruck/+!

Please wear one of the following outfits or create your own "My Favourite Designer SailorMoons" Outfit, just place one or more symbol/s with this or comparable text on your outfit, the better people see it the better chances you have to rank up to Moonstruck!

  • Your selfmade outfit/s (by you. Show us your outfit at our GamersFirst Forum 😉)
  • Advertising SailorMoons Outfits (for Female, by SailorMoonsavailable)
  • Unblock SailorMoons Outfits (for Female, by SailorMoonsavailable)
  • Unblock SAILORMOONS FANwear p1 and/or p2 (for Female, by SailorMoonsBroI(Aluminium), no longer offered)

Pictures of our outfits coming soon!

ps. as a registered FAN you don't have to wear fan outfits, but it would be very nice if you do also it will increase your chance to become a Moonstruck :3


3> Note:

We no longer contact you ingame after you had purchased one of our outfit parts! This means you will have to register yourself for this event!


4> Agree to our Terms of Service (below) to become a registered FAN or an Moonstruck/+! :D

* If you sign up to this event via our "Registration form" you will have to agree to the Terms of Service.

* Participants that have had sign up in game should have read the actual Terms of Service too, in order to avoid misunderstandings.


5> After you have had become a registered FAN, your character name will be shown at our Fan list HERE.

That's it. I would be glad to see you on my FAN list!


thank you for reading, Sincerely yours,


SMS Customs always the strongest designs!

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Dec 12, 2015

Terms of Service:

§1. Event Informing:

    a. The event operator reserves the right in updating the Terms of Service on anytime in the

future without notification if:

  • We need to add, change or remove rules.
  • We have found aberrations related to our potential participants.
  • A condition needs an enhancement on its deteils or had to be removed/added.

    bThe event operator informs existing participants if he/she needs to agree to an updated version of this Terms of Service.

    c. The event operator does inform the potential winners about the event end and/or winns over in game e-mail/s and e-mail (if provided).

    d. The event operator will send ingame e-mail/s with an attachment in order to stay saved for 30days.

    e. If the event operator does not get an answer of the potential winner within 30 days to retrieve his/her win, his/her win will be rejected.


$2. In game participation:

    b. Participants that register within the game can only get "Registered FAN" rank, but can upgrade by singning up HERE .

     c. All participants that register HERE can create their own outfit/s with clearly visible symbols that contain at least "SailorMoons".

The better your outfit/s fits this events theme the more chances you have to rank up to "Moonstruck/+".


§3. Raffle Procedure:

§3-1. Basic prizes:

    a. Our customer list includes all participants that have registered in game by purchasing our "Unblock SailorMoons ..." FAN wear

or had sign up themselves at our website.

    b. All registered members (Registered FAN, Moonstruck/+, VIP/Premium VIP) can win this events basic prize if they had joined it.

    c. Our raffle system randomly chooses 35 participants (after heading §5.f.), the choosen participants join the "class 3" raffle, the remaining

participants join the "class 2" raffle. After the "class 2" raffle the remaining participants are "class 1" winners.

§3-2. Moonstruck prize:

    a. Only the choosen Moonstruck's automatically join our "JMB randomiser" wich will give every registered "Moonstruck"

a randomly choosen JMB weapon. 

    b. The JMB Raffle system randomises the actual Moonstruck/+ list and chooses only 25 registered "Moonstruck/ +'s (after heeding §5.)

    c. A registered "Moonstruck +" member is able to choose his/her favourite weapon before the raffle starts (at Sign up)

if he/she got choosen by our JMB Raffle sytem his/her favourite weapon will be excluded from our JMB randomiser. 

§3-3. Moon Master prize:

    a. Only Moonstruck + members can have access to this prize. We will use our JMB Raffle sytems to choose the MOON MASTER! (note: §5-4.c)

    b. With participating at this prize your rank will be set to "Moon Master"

    c. This prize is only an addition to the "Moonstruck Prize" (note: §5-4.c). With this option you will join the "Moonstuck Prize" normally.


§4. FAN List:

    a. We at SMS Customs deserve the right to use the list of  registered participants on any part of our website for public audience.

    bWe will deserve the right to use this list on any part of our website even though the event had ended.

§4-1. FAN List "Moonstruck" rank:

    a. We at SMS Customs deserve the right to change the the actual rank of all registered Members to "Moonstruck" if:

- One or more of our staff members had seen the registered FAN wearing one of our provided outfits.
- The participant had been successfully accepted by us via the event's "Sign up" for "Moonstruck" membership.

§4-2. FAN List "Moonstruck +" rank:

    a. We at SMS Customs deserve the right to change the the actual rank of all registered Members to "Moonstruck+" if:

- The participant had been successfully accepted by us via the event's "Sign up" for "Moonstruck +" membership.


§5. Member rank rights:

§5-1. We at SMS Customs deserve the right to downgrade the the actual rank of all registered members or ban their account/s if:

    aThe registered FAN, Moonstruck/+, Premium/VIP insults or deceives one or more of our SMS Customs staff member/s and or members.

    bThe registered FAN, Moonstruck/+, Premium/VIP harms the reputation of  SMS Customs and/or the designs of our lead designer SailorMoons.

    cThe registered FAN, Moonstruck/+, Premium/VIP harms the reputation of  our lead designer SailorMoons.

    dThe registered Moonstruck/+ does not wear one of our official outfits while one or more of our SMS Customs staff

member/s including our undercover staff member/s with their character/s that are not listed here or at other parts of our website can see the registered "Moonstruck/+".

§5-2. Registered FAN

    a. All registered FAN's are able to participate at this event with access to the BASIC PRIZE raffle.

§5-3. Moonstruck

    a. All registered Moonstruck's are able to participate at this event with access to the BASIC PRIZE raffle and the ADDITIONALLY


- As a registered "Moonstruck" you automatically join our JMB RAFFLE and also our JMB randomiser that gives you a randomly chosen JMB weapon if you have been succesfully chosen by our JMB Raffle system.

§5-4. Moonstruck +

    a. All registered Moonstruck +'s are able to participate at this event with access to the BASIC PRIZE raffle and the ADDITIONALLY


    b. As a registered "Moonstruck +" you can choose a raffle system bypass between Moon Master JoinJMB Raffle system or the

JMB randomiser.

- With bypassing the Moon Master Join you will participate at our "Moon Master Prize" but note: §5-4.c!

- With bypassing the JMB Raffle system allows you a guaranteed randomised win by our JMB randomiser system.
- With bypassing the JMB randomiser system you will win your selected JMB weapon IF you had been choosen by our JMB Raffle system.

- Access to the Moon Master Prize raffle!

    c. A registered "Moonstruck +" that chooses the Moon Master Join system bypass will be allowed to retrive the Moon Master Prize

(FFA 5.56 R&D III) IF the registered "Moonstruck +" had won it through the JMB randomiser system.

    dThe registered "Moonstruck +" is able to change the selected system bypass only one time while the event is running.


§6. Win Retrieve

    a. Only the characters that are listed within an participants profile information can retrieve his/her win.

If you used a character name change or deleted your character since you have had registered your character/s, you will loose the right to retrieve the win. Only the character names that are listed in your profile information can request the prize/s.

Please contact us HERE if you have had changed your character name (or want to do that in the future?)

or want to add a new character to your profile information.

    b. Character names will be checked trough FFbans in order to let us know that all winners are not banned by the anticheat system: FairFight.

    c. If a character name is suspected to be a new account after the possible old character name (when FFbans shows nearly identical banned character

names, after searching for the character name listed) the participant will loose the right to access this events prize/s. The participant this applies has the right to dispute the suspect. Otherwise it will be applied.

    d. All winners that don't call back within 30days after the event has ended to retrieving their prize/s will loose their access to retrieve their prize/s.

    e. If a participant is multiple times in the new randomised winner list he/she will only retrieve the highest choosen prize or will be able to choose

his/her favourite of his/her wins. The final prize a participant gets is adjudicated by the event operator.

    f. The prize/s of the "Basic Prize" will be reduced by 25% while the number of participants for each class will be

incrased by 25after reaching 100 participantsafter reaching 200 participants the actual prize/s for each class will be reduced a second and last time again by 25% while the number of participants will be incrased by 25%.


§7. Privacy Policy

    a. Your privacy is very important to us. Accordingly, we have developed this Policy in order for you to understand how we collect, use,

communicate and disclose and make use of personal information. The following outlines our privacy policy.

  • Before or at the time of collecting personal information, we will identify the purposes for which information is being collected.
  • We will collect and use of personal information solely with the objective of fulfilling those purposes specified by us and for other compatible purposes, unless we obtain the consent of the individual concerned or as required by law.
  • We will only retain personal information as long as necessary for the fulfillment of those purposes.
  • We will collect personal information by lawful and fair means and, where appropriate, with the knowledge or consent of the individual concerned.
  • Personal data should be relevant to the purposes for which it is to be used, and, to the extent necessary for those purposes, should be accurate, complete, and up-to-date.
  • We will make readily available to customers information about our policies and practices relating to the management of personal information.

    b. We are committed to conducting our business in accordance with these principles in order to ensure that the confidentiality of personal

information is protected and maintained. In order to keep all informations of our customers at our data base we will use a Random Sequence Generator. The generated numbers will help us to search for the participants place at the original customer list.

    c. The participant has to agree that the name of his/her character will stay shown at the Event FAN list that will be posted on our site.

If you don't want to participate at this event please contact us here or via in game mail to one of our official licensed reseller characters.

    d. If a participant doesn't call for his/her prize/s he/she can be removed from the winner list if he/she wants to.

SMS Customs always the strongest designs!

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Dec 10, 2015
SMSC support

SMS Customs; Event Terms of Service

Existing participants automatically agree to updated versions of this Terms of Service if there where no critical changes made that require the participants agreement.

Else §1.b. will apply. If §1.b. applies the existing participant has to reply to the then sent in game- and/or e-mail that asks for an accept on our then actual Terms of Service.

If the existing participant does not reply to the then sent in game- and/or e-mail within 30 days he/she automatically DISAGREE to our then actual Terms of Service,

A disagree on this and/or future versions of our Terms of Service will result in the participants exclusion from participating in this event.


Event Terms of Service Updated on: 01.February.2016. Existing participants do not have to be informed

  • Removed description at §2 (players that buy one of our "Unblock SailorMoons" outfits will be informed via ingame mail about this event).

Event Terms of Service Updated on: 20.November.2016. Existing participants do not have to be informed

  • Added §5-4c.
  • Added §5-4d.
  • Enhanced description at: §5-4.b
  • Enhanced description at: §3-3

Event Terms of Service Updated on: 15.November.2016. Existing participants do not have to be informed

  • Added 6 JMB weapons that where missing at "Additionally possible prize". Total JMB weapons now: 25
  • Added "Moon Master Prize": FFA 5.56 R&D III
  • Added §5.
  • Enhanced description at: §3.
  • Enhanced description at: §4-1.
  • Enhanced description at: §4-2.

Event Terms of Service Updated on: 13.November.2016. Existing participants do not have to be informed

  • Enhanced description at: §3.c.

Event Terms of Service Updated on: 11.November.2016. Existing participants have to be informed

  • Changed prizes for all participants from "get 100k for each unblock sailormoons outfit" to "altogether 15.000.000 APB$ prizes within 3 winner classes"
  • Description added for the new basic prize at: §5.f.

Event Terms of Service Updated on: 22.October.2016. Existing participants do not have to be informed

  • Added conditions for "Moonstruck +" at: §3-2.b.
  • Enhanced description at: §5.

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